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Ep. 04 Tyson Hendrickson - Pacific Steel & Recycling

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Host Jesse Tyler is joined by Employee Owner Tyson Hendrickson, training and development manager for Pacific Steel & Recycling. They discuss how Pacific Steel strengthens its culture of ownership, training, and develops its people, and infuses its owners with the basic principles of lean thinking, which is built around continuous improvement and finding ways to do their jobs easier, faster, and more efficiently. Tyson also shares his EO A-Ha Moments and why Pacific Steel is an amazing place to work.

Pacific Steel is 100% Employee-owned for the ultimate in customer satisfaction. The founders of Pacific Steel & Recycling decided the best way to retain hard-working, service-oriented employees was to give them a stake in the company – an idea that endures to this day. That means its valued customers are working with employees who have a wealth of knowledge and a vested interest in the customers' success – because their success is ultimately Pacific Steel's success. It also hires employees with industry experience, and then works to keep them. Customers' steel, recycling and ag needs are better served with more efficient solutions due to the employee owners’ dedication and skill.

Adapted from Pacific Steels' website.)

Listen/Watch Here:


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