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Ep 003 Pacific Steel & Recycling Pt. 2

PART 2. Host Jesse Tyler is joined by 3 incredible employee owners of Pacific Steel. You'll learn about Pacific Steel's Igniter Program, which is fundamental to the company's culture. Each guest shares the one thing Pacific Steel does really well to foster culture and communications, and why Pacific Steel is an amazing place to work. Pride and family come up a lot in this episode, and each guest shares there EO A-ha Moment. At the end, the guests are joined by Tyson Hendrickson, Pacific Steel's training and development manager.

Guests: Sam Todd is the health, safety environment and transportation coordinator. Cason Farmer is a shear press brake and burn table operator and community outreach subcommittee chairman for the ownership team. Brittine Balls handles day to day operations from inventory management to production scheduling to team building and leadership development.

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