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O2O Ep. 41 Financial Literacy with Praxis Consulting Group

Host Jesse Tyler is joined by two great guests from Praxis Consulting Group, Molly Mead and Jennie Msall who discuss the importance of financial literacy in ESOPs and employee-owned companies, including different ways to approach it, how to implement it, and the correlation between ESOP and personal financial literacy.

Molly and Jennie also share the three words they use to describe employee ownership, business books they love, and their EO A-ha Moments.

The Owner to Owner Podcast is produced by Bret Keisling for the EO Podcast Network.

About Molly Mead (Via the Praxis Website)

Molly Mead, EdD has worked and consulted extensively in employee ownership and nonprofit sectors, helping organizations with strategic planning, organizational design, and change work.

Before joining Praxis, Molly had a 30-year career in higher education, most recently at Amherst College where she was the founding director of the Center for Community Engagement and a member of the American Studies faculty. Molly came to Amherst from Tufts University where she was on the faculty of the Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and the founding director of the Tisch College of Civic Life.

Molly is a national expert on the role of diversity in effective organizations. She co-authored the award-winning book, Effective Philanthropy (with Mary Ellen Capek), in which they make the case if foundations want to do impactful grantmaking their staff and board need to be deeply diverse.

She has significant experience helping nonprofit organizations do strategic planning. Because of her background as an educator, she always strives to help the organization she is working with learn strategic planning skills. Strategic planning clients include: the Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance, the Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations, three units within Drexel University (The Lindy Center, the Dornsife Center, and Action for Early Learning), Lambda Legal, and the Annie E Casey Foundation.

Molly has worked with the National Breast Cancer Coalition as the educational facilitator of Project LEAD, an internationally recognized program teaching the science of breast cancer to breast cancer advocates. Over 1500 hundred people have gone through this program in its 25 years. Many participants in this program have gone on to partner with researchers, improving the design of breast cancer research.

Molly holds an AB from Cornell University, an MBA from Simmons College and an EdD from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Email Molly Mead:

About Jennie Msall (Via the Praxis Website)

Jennie Msall, MBA, is a Consultant at Praxis Consulting Group, where she provides organization development, strategic planning, and training to employee-owned companies and nonprofits. Jennie has 11 years of experience working with nonprofits on strengthening organization systems and culture to drive strategy and impact. She is also an experienced facilitator and trainer and is passionate about creating strong and participatory workplace cultures that enable mission-driven organizations to achieve meaningful results.

Prior to joining Praxis, Jennie worked at the nonprofit organization the ICA Group, where she directed its employee ownership conversion program. In this role, she served on the organization’s leadership team and provided overall program management to a team of consultants working on employee ownership transitions across ICA’s program areas.

Jennie also has experience working for and with Community Development Financial Institutions and nonprofits focused on food systems change and housing access. She previously served on the Board of Directors for Boston Community Cooperatives and is currently on the Board of Directors for Urban Greens.

Jennie holds an MBA from the University of Massachusetts Boston and a BA in Urban Studies from Vassar College.

Email Jennie Msall:

About Praxis Consulting Group (Via the Praxis website)

Praxis Consulting Group, Inc. was founded in Philadelphia in 1995 by two of their principals, Ginny Vanderslice and Alex Moss. Initially they provided communication, training and organizational development services primarily to employee-owned companies. While they continue to work extensively with employee-owned companies, the practice has expanded to include work with nonprofits, socially responsible businesses and other organizations interested in developing workplace cultures that maximize employee engagement and responsibility.

With the addition of consultants, Praxis has broadened its services to include: leadership development, coaching, union-management partnerships, process improvement strategies, strategic planning, governance, and conflict management. Over the past fifteen years, Praxis has grown to include twelve staff members, who together have backgrounds in a range of disciplines, including: organizational development, social psychology, adult education, business management, and finance.

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