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O2O Ep. 32: Butler/Till's Employee Owners

Host Jesse Tyler is joined by three great co-owners at Butler/Till, Deanna Colombo, Executive Assistant; Paula Janowsky, Media Specialist; and Devin MacHenry, Client Experience Manager. In addition to their other responsibilities, all three serve on Butler/Till's Employee Communications Committee, a.k.a. "The ESOP Committee!"

Each guest shares personal insights on what ownership means to them; how they describe ownership when talking to family, friends, and strangers; the three words they use to describe ownership; their EO A-ha moments; and why anyone seeking work should consider a career at Butler/Till.

Butler/Till offers proven capabilities in Media, Integrated Planning, Analytics, and Creative. The capabilities we use are driven by the client's needs. They apply decades of learning, advanced tools, purposeful partnerships, and a deeply collaborative approach to plan, develop, and deploy marketing communications that ignite performance and deliver measurable results.

The goal of this podcast is to have owner-to-owner discussions about a wide range of ownership experiences and culture topics, and to bring more insight into the individual ownership experience.

The Owner to Owner Podcast is produced by Bret Keisling for the EO Podcast Network.

About Butler/Till

Butler/Till is independent, women-owned and led, proudly purpose-driven, and 100% employee-owned. Our structure and culture empower us to create positive impact for our clients, for the communities in which we live and work, and for ourselves. As a matter of fact, we’re a B Corp–one of only a few thousand for-profit companies certified to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Check out Digital Hyve, our digital marketing group, enhancing our capabilities in paid digital advertising, social media marketing, video marketing, retargeting, content and SEO marketing, reporting and analytics, creative, and market research.


As a proud women-owned company (WBENC and NYS WBE certified), we are focused on creating not only an inclusive and equitable workspace, but world. To us, every day is an opportunity to turn the tremendous gains we’ve made into fuel for even further progress toward a gender-equal tomorrow.


As a certified B Corporation (one of only a few thousand in existence), we take rewarding humanitarian trips, provide an employee donation matching program, and each of us receives paid time off to do good work in the communities where we live and serve.

We own it

Our 100% employee-ownership inspires us to continually elevate performance–for our clients, for ourselves, and for the world around us. This kind of success requires a level of teamwork that can only happen when everyone has some skin in the game.

Butler/Till is hiring. Find more information here.

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This podcast is produced by Bret Keisling for the EO Podcast Network.


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