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O2O Ep. 27 ProAct's Hannah & Dani's ESOP Road Trip

Host Jesse Tyler is joined by Hannah Denson and Dani Green of ProAct Pharmacy Benefit Management who went on a recent "ESOP Road Trip" that saw them visit Harpoon Brewery, Newport Restaurant Group, and Hypertherm. They turned their road trip into a great VLOG called "Sweet Chats + Salty Snacks: The ESOP Exploration."

They share with Jesse lessons learned at each of their stops, what employee ownership means to each of them, how they discuss EO with non-employee owners, the three words they use to describe employee ownership, and their EO A-ha Moments.

The goal of this podcast is to have owner-to-owner discussions about a wide range of ownership experiences and culture topics, and to bring more insight into the individual ownership experience.

The Owner to Owner Podcast is produced by Bret Keisling for the EO Podcast Network.

Check out Sweet Chats + Salty Snacks: The ESOP Exploration on YouTube.

A Pharmacy Benefit Manager That Works for You

-- Not Wall Street

When a company is beholden to shareholders, it can sometimes lose focus on delivering an outstanding customer experience. Not so with ProAct. Thanks to employee ownership, every touchpoint they make—from TPAs and brokers to clients and members—focuses on a high touch experience by people who have a personal stake in making sure they receive the best possible service.

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This podcast is produced by Bret Keisling for the EO Podcast Network.


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