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O2O Ep. 020 StoneAge Inc's Employee Owners

Host Jesse Tyler is joined by Mike Irish, Materials Coordinator (1 year), Kelsy Woodson, Sr. Digital Marketing & Campaign Specialist (2 years), and Bill Ayres, Fabricator II, (5-1/2 years) at StoneAge Inc.

Each guest shares personal insights on what ownership means to them; how they describe ownership when talking to family, friends, and strangers; the three words they use to describe ownership; their EO A-ha moments; and why anyone seeking work should consider a career at StoneAge, Inc..

The goal of this podcast is to have owner-to-owner discussions about a wide range of ownership experiences and culture topics, and to bring more insight into the individual ownership experience.

The Owner to Owner Podcast is produced by Bret Keisling for the EO Podcast Network.

StoneAge Inc. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automated waterblast equipment and tooling for industrial companies and contractors worldwide.

StoneAge was launched in 1979 when co-founders John Wolgamott and Jerry Zink developed a new self-rotary waterjet nozzle in their garage. Originally intended for the mining industry "to cut holes in rock", the nozzles changed the way heat exchangers were cleaned. The founders' passion for research and development bred a culture of product innovation where the commitment to designing new tools and equipment has improved the way the waterblasting industry works for over 35 years.

This passion for product leadership has brought StoneAge engineering to the forefront of the movement toward hands-free waterblast equipment. New state-of-the-art, in-house testing facilities allow a dedicated engineering team to continue to push the boundaries of design. By partnering with industrial cleaning contractors, StoneAge engineers are able to gain unique insight that guides the design of automated systems that increase safety and advance productivity for a wide variety of waterblasting applications. With an unmatched dedication to engineering innovation and customer service, StoneAge is proud to lead the way toward a safer, more efficient industry.

Quality StoneAge products for industrial, sewer, and downhole cleaning, as well as custom engineered equipment for application-specific challenges, are distributed worldwide from sales and rental facilities and across a global network of over 90 dealers in 35 countries.

From StoneAge's Website


We live and breathe product leadership. We are driven to engineer high quality, industry-leading products that enable our customers to solve tough challenges. We continuously improve our work product and processes so we can better serve our customers' needs. We value and embrace creativity, always looking to lead innovation within our industry, while at the same time effectively managing the risks that are inherent with being technology leaders.


We understand that we exist because of our customers and we work tirelessly to earn and keep their trust. We make decisions and do our work in ways that inspire our customers to say, "Why would we choose anybody but StoneAge?"


We care about our health and happiness. We have a strong sense of work/life balance and believe that families come first. We believe that humor in the workplace is essential to our well-being and we encourage laughter, light-heartedness, and some self-deprecating humor. We help each other grow both personally and professionally. We are committed to providing exceptional benefits for our employees. We are committed to giving our team a safe place to work.


We are employee-owners and we embody the OWN IT mindset. We OWN IT by holding ourselves and each other accountable for being great teammates, doing good work, continuously improving, solving problems, and acting like owners. Each one of us takes full responsibility for driving the success of the company. We never say, "that's not my job". We own our actions and responses and graciously succeed or fail as a team. All of this allows us to DO BIG THINGS!

StoneAge is hiring. Find more information here.

StoneAge’s CEO Kerry Siggins recently appeared on The ESOP Podcast with Bret Keisling :

StoneAge in the press

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This podcast is produced by Bret Keisling for the EO Podcast Network.


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