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Ep oo6: Gardener's Supply, Carris Reels & Admix (Part 2)



Part 2. Host Jesse Tyler is joined by Betsy Combs of Gardener's Supply; Sarah Limoges of Admix, and Jeff Chubb of Carris Reels, who each share the three words that describe their ownership experience, one sentence reasons why prospective employees should work at their companies, and their EO A-ha Moment. The goal of this series is to have owner to owner discussions about a range of ownership, experience and culture topics, and bring more insight into the individual ownership experience.


"Carris Reels is a company of employee owners. We’ve developed a culture in which broad based employee-ownership is assumed to be normal, rather than extraordinary. Many long-term employees will tell you that they have stayed at Carris Reels so long because they “belong here."


"Our company has been 100% employee-owned since 2009. Being co-owners really means that we care deeply about our customers and their successes in the garden; support a strong social mission; take care of our communities and one another; and work hard to safeguard the increasingly fragile planet we've been entrusted with."


"We are an ESOP company, 100% employee owned through an employee stock ownership plan, and we know that our success is dependent on your satisfaction. As employee owners, we go the extra mile to ensure that when you work with Admix, your experience is not only positive but exceeds your expectations."


This podcast is produced by Bret Keisling for the EO Podcast Network.


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