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Ep. 017 Sebago Technics

Host Jesse Tyler is joined by three great employee owners at Sebago Technics: Paul Ostrowski, Sr. Project Engineer; Caitlyn Abbott, Project Delivery Coordinator; and Charlie Marchese, Director of Survey Operations.

Each guest shares personal insights on what ownership means to them; how they describe ownership when talking to family, friends, and strangers; the three words they use to describe ownership; their EO A-ha moments; and why anyone seeking work should consider a career at Sebago Technics.

The goal of this podcast is to have owner-to-owner discussions about a wide range of ownership experiences and culture topics, and to bring more insight into the individual ownership experience.

The Owner to Owner Podcast is produced by Bret Keisling for the EO Podcast Network.

“Maine’s Creative Engineering Collective” Sebago Technics was founded by Walter P. Stinson, P.E., in 1981. Early on, Walt foresaw the benefits of a multi-discipline engineering company. He earned licensure/certification as a professional engineer, professional land surveyor, certified soils scientist and licensed soil evaluator.

This 100% employee-owned company provides engineering, planning, surveying, landscape architecture and environmental services to companies, developers, landowners and the public sector for customers and projects, both large and small. Their experience includes projects in commercial, industrial, retail, residential, educational, healthcare, recreation, utility and government sectors.

They meet client’s needs through an efficient and effective delivery system providing a single point-of-contact. Their approach combined with their expertise and services allows them to meet the needs of their customers within One Company.

Clients rely on Sebago Technics to guide their projects through design, permitting and construction processes utilizing either traditional or design-build delivery. Their licensed professionals remain current in the latest engineering practices and are certified in LEED, Erosion, Sedimentation and Stormwater Control & Inspection, Wetlands, Soils, Septic Design, and Traffic Operations.

The Sebago Way

Six core principles that guide everything we do.


The foundation for our culture which fosters shared responsibility and pride in the success of our company.


In all areas of our work cultivated by communication, teamwork and partnerships.


Demanded and proven in our professionalism, leadership and reputation.


Demonstrated by our diversity, excellence and innovation we provide excellent service, internally and externally, to our clients.


Decisive action that is timely, efficient and accurate to meet client and project needs.


Focused on achievement of our personal, professional and company goals through performance and results for our clients, partners and owners.

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This podcast is produced by Bret Keisling for the EO Podcast Network.


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