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Ep. 010 Revision Energy's Tess Jacquez


Host Jesse Tyler is joined by Tess Jacquez, Team Lead, Commercial PV & Storage Design & Estimate Group at Revision Energy, a 100% ESOP solar energy company. Tess describes employee ownership at Revision as a combination of Kaizen (continuous improvement), pride, humility, and learning. She discusses the pride she feels at being an owner, and how a relatively young ESOP (3 yrs) like Revision works to educate about EO and help build the company culture. She also shares her EO A-ha Moment, and why Revision Energy is an amazing place to work.

The goal of this series is to have owner to owner discussions about a range of ownership, experience and culture topics, and bring more insight into the individual ownership experience.


2019 Revision Staff Photo


ReVision Energy is 100% employee-owned, using a structure called an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

From its inception, ReVision Energy has been a mission-driven, values-oriented company that built care of employees, clients, the broader community, and the natural environment into the operating system of the company. This set of practices was formally recognized in 2015 when ReVision Energy became a certified B-Corp, joining the ranks of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, King Arthur Flour, and Patagonia, who all share in common a ‘triple bottom line’ business philosophy of People, Planet and Profits.

ReVision’s original co-founders saw employee ownership as the next step to fully realizing a more equitable way to run a business. Employee ownership allows every person who works at the company to operate with an “owner” mindset and to receive the benefit of equity built over time.

“We are investing the future of our company in the exceptional people who have worked hard all these years to build ReVision Energy into one of the best solar companies in the world,” said co-founder Phil Coupe. “Converting to 100% ESOP means that every employee can financially benefit from the success of the business as we continue our mission to transition New England from a fossil fuel based economy to a sustainable, renewable energy based economy,” noted Coupe, who has spent a 25-year career focused on socially responsible business practices. “We believe this is the best future we can create for all our employees and for our commitment to sustainable energy.”

This podcast is produced by Bret Keisling for the EO Podcast Network.


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